Volunteer Services

Please note that services are dependent on volunteer availability and an assessment from the Outreach Worker. To find out if you are eligible for volunteer services contact the Outreach Worker at 250 388 7844 x. 310.

Assisted Transportation
Assistance to medical appointments and for errands for eligible people who require transportation in addition to using HandyDART and Taxi Savers, and help from friends or family.

Social Companionship
Volunteers provide once a week visits to people who are isolated and would like to socialize.

Yard & Garden
Volunteers can help with a spring/fall cleanup or planting. You must provide tools and equipment. Volunteers can also help you set up your patio garden.

A volunteer will come to your home to help you get outside for walks for exercise and/or pleasure. Wheelchair walks are also part of this service.

Reading and Writing
A volunteer can help you fill out forms, applications, write letters and read to you for pleasure and information.

Dog Walking
For those who have a canine friend they can no longer take for walks, we have volunteers who can take your dog out for some healthy exercise.

If you like to play games or cards, a volunteer can come to your home on a weekly basis for some fun.

Basic Computer Help
A volunteer can come to your home to teach you about using basic computer functions such as email, internet and skype.

Should you need more space to move about your home, you may qualify for a volunteer to help you sort your belongings and re-organize your space. A volunteer may also be available to help you sort through and organize your papers.

Minor Home Repair
A volunteer may be available to complete any tasks around the house that don’t require a ticket or certification.